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👷‍♂️ Under Construction

I am currently building this content/feature. Subscribe to my mail list below to get notified when this section/feature can be used. I will not flood your inbox or spam you.

What is this section/feature going to be?

This page will display the cities in Europe. Users will be able to sort and filter cities by different criteria (cost, fun, safety, beaches, and much more). At a glance, users will see the current weather and temperature, daily cost, current rank, and fun factor for a given city. City entries will further display scores for Overall rating, Weather, Fun, Safety, Internet speed.

Cities will link to city-specific detail pages where users will be able to get much more information on specific destinations: description and details, location on map, costs, scores, things to do in this city, photos, trip itineraries, travel stories, and more.

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Thanks for using Eurotripr! If you have any feedback or find any bugs it would be awesome to let me know. I'm a solo maker so be nice 😀 - I am trying my hardest to make this a tool to help you plan your next trip to Europe.

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