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The trip starts and ends in London, with excursions to Bath and Cambridge in between. The journey includes iconic landmarks, stunning architecture, world-class museums, and a taste of English cuisine, all tailored to a budget-friendly experience.

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Things to See & Do 22

  • Train From Airport To Hostel
    Train From Airport To Hostel
  • British Museum
    British Museum
  • Covent Garden
    Covent Garden
  • Leicester Square
    Leicester Square
  • Dinner
  • Pub Or Free Time
    Pub Or Free Time
  • Tower Of London
    Tower Of London
  • Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge
  • Lunch
  • London Eye
    London Eye
  • Free To Visit Pubs, Catch A Show Or Sleep Early
    Free To Visit Pubs, Catch A Show Or Sleep Early
  • Catch Train To Bath
    Catch Train To Bath
  • Roman Baths
    Roman Baths
  • Walking Tour Of Bath
    Walking Tour Of Bath
  • Free
  • Train To Cambridge
    Train To Cambridge
  • University Of Cambridge
    University Of Cambridge
  • Free Time
    Free Time
  • Train To London
    Train To London
  • Lunch / Shopping
    Lunch / Shopping
  • Flying Home
    Flying Home
  • Home

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