Top 10 Swedish Words and Phrases for English Speakers


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When traveling to Sweden, it's essential to know some key words and phrases to make your trip smoother. Learn the top 10 Swedish expressions that will help English speakers navigate their way through the beautiful Nordic country.


Arming yourself with a few basic Swedish words and phrases can transform your travel experience, making you feel more connected to the locals and their culture.


If you are planning to visit Sweden, knowing a few key words and phrases in Swedish can make all the difference! Here are my top 10 Swedish expressions that I believe every English speaker should know when visiting this beautiful country:


Hello. Pronounced "hey". This simple greeting will go a long way in helping you connect with the locals.


Thank you. Pronounced "tahk". Always show your appreciation for the assistance or hospitality offered to you.


Excuse me. Pronounced "oor-SHEK-tah".  Use this phrase to get someone's attention or apologize.

Var ligger...?

Where is...? Pronounced "vahr LEE-ger". A must-know phrase for finding your way around.

Hur mycket kostar det?

How much does it cost? Pronounced "hur MYE-ket KO-stahr deht". Keep your budget in check with this essential question.

En biljett till..., tack

One ticket to..., please. Pronounced "ehn bih-LYET til...tahk". Navigate public transportation with ease.

Jag förstår inte

I don't understand. Pronounced "yahg fur-STOHR eenteh". This phrase is a lifesaver when you're lost in translation.

Kan du tala engelska?

Can you speak English? Pronounced "kahn dew tah-lah ehn-GELS-ka". A helpful question when your Swedish is running low.


Toilet. Pronounced "too-ah-LEHT". Because we all need to know where the restroom is.


Cheers! Pronounced "skoal". Raise a glass to new friendships and unforgettable experiences.

Bonus: Snälla

Please. Pronounced "SNEL-ah". This polite word is perfect for making requests more courteous and friendly. Don't forget to use it along with your other Swedish phrases to show your good manners while traveling in Sweden.

By learning and practicing these 10 Swedish words and phrases, you'll be well-equipped to navigate your way through Sweden and make lasting memories. So pack your bags, brush up on your Swedish, and let the adventure begin!

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