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Help other EuroTriprs plan their own adventures

Your travel experieince is valuable and can help a lot of others gain the confidence and knowledge they need to plan their own trips to Europe. Ready to share your story?

Here's how:

Send an email to with answers to the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How many times have you traveled through Europe?
  3. How many European countries have you traveled in?

I'll get back to you with follow-up questions as soon as I can. Then I'll edit our interview, fix any grammatical errors, run it by you, and post it on the site.


Q: Who is eligible?

A: Anyone who has spent time traveling around Europe!

Q: What if I've only been traveled to Europe with a pre-packaged tour?

A: That's okay, too! Your experience traveling with a packaged tour could help a lot of others unsure whether a tour is right for them.

Q: Do I have to be from the U.S./Europe/Australia?

A: No. Whether you're from the US, born in Europe, or anywhere else, if you've traveled around Europe, you're unique experiences will be of value to others coming from your home country as well as all over the world.

Q: Is it okay if I only traveled to Europe for a weekend/week/other short period of time?

A: Yes! No matter the length of your stay, if you've spent that time exploring your destination I'd love for you to share your experiences with others Eurotriprs.

Q: Can I make changes to my interview or story in the future?

A: Sure. Before I publish the interview, you will have access to the interview and be able to edit your answers as you need to. In fact, i will probably send you some revision requests after I read your final answers. Once I publish the interview, you can email me any time with updates.

Q: What do I get for sharing?

A: Free promotion for yourself and travel blog/social media accounts - I will link to your blog or social media accounts that you specify in the interview. The chance to share your travel experiences and advice with the world. The happy feelings that come from knowing your story or answers will help others gain the confidence to explore Europe!

Have any feedback ?
Find any bugs ?

Thanks for using Eurotripr! If you have any feedback or find any bugs it would be awesome to let me know. I'm a solo maker so be nice 😀 - I am trying my hardest to make this a tool to help you plan your next trip to Europe.

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